Five Tips for Great Photographs of Your Wedding in Rome

Planning a wedding in Rome, the eternal city is a great decision, not only for you and your groom/bride, but also for your family and guests coming to attend this exclusive ceremony. The Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain are perfect backgrounds and backdrops for a memorable wedding day, and the best locations for shooting your Rome wedding photographs. No matter whether you are a bride or groom, you have to get into the most difficult task, spend a few hours for your wedding photography. You have to pose right and give beautiful expressions for a photo shot. However, you have to maintain the schedule on the day of your wedding in Rome. On this big day, things are likely to take longer than expected time such as getting your hair styled, dressed up, etc. Due to sheer stress, things may go wrong or don’t work like the way you want. So, you have to strictly follow a schedule that would leave you with enough time to put things right, while not disturbing your Rome wedding photo session.


Here are five tips to consider for great photographs of your Wedding in Rome:

Go for First-Look Wedding Photos

If you want to have the best romantic memories in your Rome wedding photographs without even missing a single moment of your cocktail reception, ask the photographer to take your photographs before it starts. Advantage: you will have the perfect romantic feel to get captured in photo clicks. Additionally, you won’t feel nervous while running down the aisle and your makeup and hair will look fresh and stunning for the portraits. Your wedding in Rome photographer will be there to make sure that everything turns out well for you.

Enjoy the Day As Much As Possible

Try not to feel concerned about little things like relocation of your Rome wedding photo shoot due to any problem or your flower girl getting playful throughout the photo session. And allow a professional photographer to be right on schedule, capture the most beautiful and unique shots and to tell which pose and expression can create the most excellent memories – all the things why you decide to hire him or her.


Keep Your head up High

Most wedding photographers in Rome know that a lot of couples feel nervous while walking down the aisle. So, try to smile and keep your head up high until you reach the wedding altar. A considerate look on your face before exchanging vows together or a happy look all the way through the ceremony is much appreciated than the keeping your head up high.

Sign a Formal Agreement

Once you find a great photographer to shoot your wedding in Rome, sign an agreement that includes all details starting from the venue, date and time of the wedding and also the charges and hours he/she will take to complete post production task and the way you have chosen to receive the finished photographs – B/W or in colour.

Schedule a Pre-wedding or Engagement Photo Shoot

Once you hire a photographer for your wedding in Rome, a choice of engagement photo shoot will help you achieve many things with one decision. It will be a great opportunity to be comfortable with your hired photographer and the way your pictures are to be taken. You can review the quality and style of photos taken much before the big day. As a result, it will be easy to give feedback on which photos you like and dislike before your wedding day.


Are you looking for sweet and great memories of your wedding in Rome, Tuscany or Umbria? Whether you are a bride or groom with a distinct taste and unique preference, Siobhan Hegarty Photography can assist you with the key aspect of your marriage plans, being your wedding photographer for the day! Let her shoot the most precious moments of your wonderful wedding day and make you cherish them forever. Feel free to share your own wedding photography ideas, thoughts and experiences below! Or else you can visits us at,, and .


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