4 Exotic and Picturesque Locations for a Memorable Rome Wedding

No doubt for every charming couple their wedding day is considered to be one of the major milestones and most memorable moments of their life. In order to celebrate a gorgeous wedding in a spectacular setting, most couples are looking up to Rome. Rome is a city that has charm, beauty and romance filled in the atmosphere as well as has exotic and awe-inspiring venues, locations and castles to celebrate a Rome wedding that will reflect your style and personality. You will find a perfect Rome wedding location selecting from over the top spectacular castles to charming restaurants in this eternal city as per your requirement and budget.

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Some of the best Wedding Locations in Rome are:

  1. Hotel Hassler:

Your Rome wedding will have a WOW factor if celebrated in luxury 5 star- Hotel Hassler, which is located on top of the Spanish Steps that will offer a breathtaking view of stunning Rome city. Your elegant Rome wedding ceremony can take place on its panoramic terraces, which will prove to be a perfect setting while giving an all around view of Rome and its romantic domes & rooftops.

  1. Studi Romani:

This is an incredible location with cloister and garden, which are considered most romantic and beautiful jewels of Rome. From the cloister, there is a large door, which leads to a wide garden with overlooks of Tibet River that offers a breathtaking view of Rome. For sure Studi Romani will prove to make your Rome wedding a gorgeous and memorable event.

  1. Palazzo Manfredi- Restaurant Aroma:

If you are in love with an Imperial Rome and with its magnificent Coliseum then Palazo Manfredi is the perfect venue to celebrate a romantic Rome Wedding. Your entire Rome wedding event will be celebrated inside the Coliseum as well as offer an unforgettable background that will increase charm of your wedding event.

  1. The Odescalchi castle of Bracciano:

One of the most famous and popular Rome wedding venue, this castle has hosted many high profile weddings, for instance wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. In this majestic castle one will find extreme functionality of spaces that will suitably fit any kind of event, especially a wedding ceremony giving it an exotic touch of Rome’s history.

Rome Wedding Photography Service:

In order to treasure your memorable Rome wedding, it is important to get Rome wedding photography by Siobhan Hegarty Photography that will ensure every beautiful wedding moment is captured perfectly and preserved forever. We understand the importance of wedding photography for you; this inspires Rome wedding photographers at Siobhan Hegarty Photography to deliver an exceptional service with a touch of professionalism and perfection. You can have a look at some of the views of our satisfied couples and clients by visiting today www.shpfoto.com.

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